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    Clean up __executable_start, monstartup when --enable-profiling. · 9e4bf381
    Paul Eggert authored
    The following changes affect the code only when profiling.
    * dispnew.c (__executable_start): Rename from safe_bcopy.
    Define only on platforms that need it.
    * emacs.c: Include <sys/gmon.h> when profiling.
    (_mcleanup): Remove decl, since <sys/gmon.h> does it now.
    (__executable_start): Remove decl, since lisp.h does it now.
    (safe_bcopy): Remove decl; no longer has that name.
    (main): Coalesce #if into single bit of code, for simplicity.
    Cast pointers to uintptr_t, since standard libraries want integers
    and not pointers.
    * lisp.h (__executable_start): New decl.
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