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    Lots of refactorings and a few minor improvements. · 9ed3685a
    Stefan Merten authored
    User visible improvements and changes:
    * Improve and debug `rst-forward-section` and `rst-backward-section`.
    * Auto-enumeration may be used with all styles for list insertion.
    * Improve and debug `rst-toc-insert`.
    * Adapt change in Emacs to use customization group `text` instead of `wp`.
    * Bind `n` and `p` in `rst-toc-mode`.
    * `z` in `toc-mode` returns to the previous window configuration.
    * Require Emacs version >= 24.1.
    Lots of refactorings including:
    * Silence byte compiler.
    * Use lexical binding.
    * Use `cl-lib`.
    * Add tests and raise test coverage.
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