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    Fix MS-Windows build as followup to pdumper executable lookup · 9f5f5ae6
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    * src/w32.c (w32_my_exename): New function.
    * src/w32.h (w32_my_exename): Add prototype.
    * src/emacs.c (load_pdump_find_executable) [WINDOWSNT]: Find
    the actual file name of the program without looking along
    PATH, by calling w32_my_exename.
    * nt/mingw-cfg.site (ac_cv_func_canonicalize_file_name)
    (ac_cv_func_realpath, gl_cv_func_realpath_works): Disable
    * nt/gnulib-cfg.mk (OMIT_GNULIB_MODULE_canonicalize-lgpl): Set
    to true.
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