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    Remove charset map files from repository, generate in first bootstrap · 9f89ea1f
    Glenn Morris authored
    * admin/charsets/Makefile.in (${srcdir}/charsets.stamp): New.
    (all): Create the stamp file.
    (extraclean): Delete the stamp file.
    * src/Makefile.in (lispintdir, charsets): New variables.
    (${lispintdir}/cp51932.el, ${lispintdir}/eucjp-ms.el, ${charsets}):
    New rules.
    (emacs$(EXEEXT), temacs$(EXEEXT)): Depend on $charsets.
    * lisp/international/cp51932.el, lisp/international/eucjp-ms.el:
    * etc/charsets/*.map: Remove from repository.
    ; * admin/charsets/mapconv: Fix typo in output comment.
    ; * etc/charsets/README: Small update.
    ; * .gitignore: Update for charset changes.
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