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    verilog-mode.el updates. · a03c2342
    Wilson Snyder authored
    This file should be copied to the trunk verbatim.
    * verilog-mode.el (verilog-directive-re): Make this variable
    auto-built for efficiency of execution and updating.
    (verilog-extended-complete-re): Support 'pure' fucntion & task
    declarations (these have no bodies).
    (verilog-beg-of-statement): general cleanup to enable support of
    'pure' fucntion & task declarations (these have no bodies).  These
    efforts together fix Verilog bug210 from veripool; which was also
    noticed by Steve Pearlmutter.
    (verilog-directive-re, verilog-directive-begin, verilog-indent-re)
    (verilog-directive-nest-re, verilog-set-auto-endcomments): Support
    `elsif.  Reported by Shankar Giri.
    (verilog-forward-ws&directives, verilog-in-attribute-p): Fixes for
    attribute handling for lining up declarations and assignments.
    (verilog-beg-of-statement-1): Fix issue where continued declaration
    is indented differently if it is after a begin..end clock.
    (verilog-in-attribute-p, verilog-skip-backward-comments)
    (verilog-skip-forward-comment-p): Support proper treatment of
    attributes by indent code. Reported by Jeff Steele.
    (verilog-in-directive-p): Fix comment to correctly describe
    (verilog-backward-up-list, verilog-in-struct-region-p)
    (verilog-backward-token, verilog-in-struct-p)
    (verilog-in-coverage-p, verilog-do-indent)
    (verilog-pretty-declarations): Use verilog-backward-up-list as
    wrapper around backward-up-list inorder to properly skip comments.
    Reported by David Rogoff.
    (verilog-property-re, verilog-endcomment-reason-re)
    (verilog-beg-of-statement, verilog-set-auto-endcomments)
    (verilog-calc-1 ): Fix for assert a; else b; indentation (new form
    of if). Reported by Max Bjurling and
    (verilog-calc-1): Fix for clocking block in modport
    declaration. Reported by Brian Hunter.
    * verilog-mode.el (verilog-auto-inst, verilog-gate-ios)
    (verilog-gate-keywords, verilog-read-sub-decls)
    (verilog-read-sub-decls-gate, verilog-read-sub-decls-gate-ios)
    (verilog-read-sub-decls-line, verilog-read-sub-decls-sig): Support
    AUTOINST for gate primitives, bug284.  Reported by Mark Johnson.
    (verilog-read-decls): Fix spaces in V2K module parameters causing
    mis-identification as interfaces, bug287.
    (verilog-read-decls): Fix not treating "parameter string" as a
    parameter in AUTOINSTPARAM.
    (verilog-read-always-signals-recurse, verilog-read-decls): Fix not
    treating `elsif similar to `endif inside AUTOSENSE.
    	(verilog-do-indent): Implement correct automatic or static task or
    function end comment highlight. Reported by Steve Pearlmutter.
    (verilog-font-lock-keywords-2): Fix highlighting of single
    character pins, bug264.  Reported by Michael Laajanen.
    (verilog-auto-inst, verilog-read-decls, verilog-read-sub-decls)
    (verilog-read-sub-decls-in-interfaced, verilog-read-sub-decls-sig)
    (verilog-subdecls-get-interfaced, verilog-subdecls-new): Support
    interfaces with AUTOINST, bug270.  Reported by Luis Gutierrez.
    (verilog-pretty-expr): Fix interactive arguments, bug272. Reported
    by Mark Johnson.
    (verilog-auto-tieoff, verilog-auto-tieoff-ignore-regexp): Add
    'verilog-auto-tieoff-ignore-regexp' for AUTOTIEOFF,
    bug269. Suggested by Gary Delp.
    (verilog-mode-map, verilog-preprocess, verilog-preprocess-history)
    (verilog-preprocessor, verilog-set-compile-command): Create
    verilog-preprocess and verilog-preprocessor to show preprocessed
    (verilog-get-beg-of-line, verilog-get-end-of-line)
    (verilog-modi-file-or-buffer, verilog-modi-name)
    (verilog-modi-point, verilog-within-string): Move defmacro's
    before first use to avoid warning. Reported by Steve Pearlmutter.
    (verilog-colorize-buffer, verilog-colorize-include-files-buffer)
    (verilog-colorize-region, verilog-highlight-buffer)
    (verilog-highlight-includes, verilog-highlight-modules)
    (verilog-highlight-region, verilog-mode): Rename colorize to
    highlight to match other packages.  Disable module highlighting,
    as received speed complaints, reenable for experimentation only
    using new verilog-highlight-modules.
    (verilog-read-decls): Fix regexp stack overflow in very large
    AUTO_TEMPLATEs, bug250.
    (verilog-auto, verilog-delete-auto, verilog-save-buffer-state)
    (verilog-scan): Create verilog-save-buffer-state to standardize
    making insignificant changes that shouldn't call hooks.
    (verilog-save-no-change-functions, verilog-save-scan-cache)
    (verilog-scan, verilog-scan-cache-ok-p, verilog-scan-region):
    Create verilog-save-no-change-functions to wrap verilog-scan
    preservation, and fix to work with nested preserved calls.
    (verilog-auto-inst, verilog-auto-inst-dot-name): Support .name
    port syntax for AUTOWIRE, and with new verilog-auto-inst-dot-name
    generate .name with AUTOINST, bug245.  Suggested by David Rogoff.
    (verilog-submit-bug-report): Update variable list to be complete.
    (verilog-auto, verilog-colorize-region): Fix AUTO expansion
    breaking on-the-fly font-locking.
    (verilog-colorize-buffer, verilog-colorize-include-files)
    (verilog-colorize-include-files-buffer, verilog-colorize-region)
    (verilog-load-file-at-mouse, verilog-load-file-at-point)
    (verilog-mode, verilog-read-inst-module-matcher): With point on a
    AUTOINST cell instance name, middle mouse button now finds-file on
    it.  Suggested by Brad Dobbie.
    (verilog-alw-get-temps, verilog-auto-reset)
    (verilog-auto-sense-sigs, verilog-read-always-signals)
    (verilog-read-always-signals-recurse): Fix loop indexes being
    AUTORESET. AUTORESET now assumes any variables in the
    initialization section of a for() should be ignored.  Reported by
    Dan Dever.
    (verilog-error-regexp-xemacs-alist): Fix error detection of
    Cadence HAL, reported by David Asher.  Repair drift between the
    three similar error variables.
    (verilog-modi-lookup, verilog-modi-lookup-cache)
    (verilog-modi-lookup-last-current, verilog-modi-lookup-last-mod)
    (verilog-modi-lookup-last-modi, verilog-modi-lookup-last-tick):
    Fix slow verilog-auto expansion on very large files.
    (verilog-read-sub-decls-expr, verilog-read-sub-decls-line): Fix
    AUTOOUTPUT treating "1*2" as a signal name in submodule connection
    "{1*2{...".  Broke in last revision.
    (verilog-read-sub-decls-expr): Fix AUTOOUTPUT not detecting
    submodule connections with replications "{#{a},#{b}}".
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