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    Ryan Yeske <rcyeske at gmail.com> · a0a5c583
    Glenn Morris authored
    (rcirc-server-alist): Use coloned symbols for parameter names.
    (rcirc-recent-quit-alist): New function.
    (rcirc): Print a better message when there is only one connected server.
    (rcirc-complete-nick): Do not update the nick table here.
    (rcirc-mode-map): Add M-o.
    (rcirc-current-line): Add variable.
    (rcirc-mode): Setup variables for line based omit.
    (rcirc-edit-multiline): Strip text properties.
    (rcirc-omit-responses): Add NICK.
    (rcirc-omit-threshold): Add variable.
    (rcirc-last-quit-line, rcirc-last-line, rcirc-elapsed-lines): Add functions.
    (rcirc-print): Keep track of current line.  Do not fill text if
    `rcirc-fill-flag' is null.  Only omit text if the last activity
    from the sender is more than `rcirc-omit-threshold' lines ago.
    (rcirc-put-nick-channel, rcirc-handler-PRIVMSG): Track line
    numbers instead of time.
    (rcirc-channel-nicks): Sort by line numbers instead of time.
    (rcirc-omit-mode): Add `...' when omitting text and recenter.
    (rcirc-handler-JOIN): Restore the joiners linestamp.
    (rcirc-maybe-remember-nick-quit): Add function.
    (rcirc-handler-QUIT): Record sender in table of recently quit nicks.
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