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    * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Revert buffer after any operation · a142b770
    Artur Malabarba authored
    Call `package-menu--post-refresh' after any operation that changes
    the package database (`package-install' and `package-delete').  To
    avoid performance issues in large transactions, these functions
    add `post-refresh' to `post-command-hook' instead of calling it
    (package-menu--mark-or-notify-upgrades): New function.
    (list-packages): Add it to `package--post-download-archives-hook'.
    (package-menu--post-refresh): Lose the upgrade-checking code, add
    code to remove itself from `post-command-hook'.
    (package-install, package-delete): Add it to `post-command-hook'.
    (package-menu-execute): Don't call `package-menu--post-refresh'.
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