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    * editfns.c (Voperating_system_release): Added. · a15252fd
    Steven Tamm authored
    	(init_editfns): Assign new variable operating-system-release
    	based on call to uname if available.
    	(get_operating_system_release): Added function to
    	allow c-level access to operating system release.
    * config.h: Regenerated.
    * s/darwin.h (PTY_ITERATION): Don't allow PTYs on darwin 6 or
    	(MIN_PTY_KERNEL_VERSION): Defined minimum kernel version for
    	using ptys as '7'.
    * term/mac-win.el (process-connection-type): Removed.
    	Controlled now by s/darwin.h:PTY_ITERATION.
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