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    The following changes rework my patch of 2002-02-06 which · a1df473f
    Kim F. Storm authored
    added command remapping by entering the commands directly into
    the keymaps.  Now, command remapping uses an explicit `remap'
    prefix in the keymaps, i.e. [remap COMMAND].
    (Qremap, remap_command_vector): New variables.
    (is_command_symbol): Removed function.
    (Fdefine_key): No longer accept a symbol for KEY.  Added
    validation of [remap COMMAND] argument for KEY.  The DEF is no
    longer required to be a symbol when remapping a command.
    (Fremap_command): New function to remap command through keymaps.
    (Flookup_key): Perform command remapping initiated by
    Fremap_command directly for speed.
    (Fkey_binding): Use Fremap_command for command remapping.
    (where_is_internal): Handle new command remapping representation.
    (syms_of_keymap): Intern Qremap, initialize remap_command_vector,
    staticpro them.  Defsubr Fremap_command.
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