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    Count MANY function args more reliably · a3689d3c
    Paul Eggert authored
    * alloc.c (Fgc_status, purecopy, unbind_to, garbage_collect_1):
    * buffer.c (Fbuffer_list, Fkill_buffer):
    * callint.c (read_file_name, Fcall_interactively):
    * charset.c (Fset_charset_priority, syms_of_charset):
    * chartab.c (uniprop_encode_value_numeric):
    * coding.c (syms_of_coding):
    * composite.c (syms_of_composite):
    * data.c (wrong_range):
    * dbusbind.c (syms_of_dbusbind):
    * dired.c (file_attributes):
    * editfns.c (Fdecode_time, update_buffer_properties, format2):
    * eval.c (run_hook_with_args_2, apply1, call1, call2, call3)
    (call4, call5, call6, call7):
    * fileio.c (Finsert_file_contents, choose_write_coding_system)
    (Fcar_less_than_car, build_annotations, auto_save_error):
    * filelock.c (get_boot_time):
    * fns.c (internal_equal, nconc2, Fyes_or_no_p, Fwidget_apply):
    (maybe_resize_hash_table, secure_hash):
    * font.c (font_style_to_value, font_open_by_name, Flist_fonts):
    * fontset.c (fontset_add, Fset_fontset_font):
    * ftfont.c (ftfont_lookup_cache):
    * gtkutil.c (xg_get_font):
    * insdel.c (signal_before_change, signal_after_change):
    * keymap.c (append_key):
    * lread.c (load_warn_old_style_backquotes, Fload, init_lread):
    * minibuf.c (Fread_buffer):
    * print.c (print_preprocess):
    * process.c (Fformat_network_address, Fmake_network_process)
    * sound.c (Fplay_sound_internal):
    * term.c (Fsuspend_tty, Fresume_tty):
    * window.c (window_list):
    * xdisp.c (run_redisplay_end_trigger_hook, add_to_log)
    * xfaces.c (Fx_list_fonts):
    * xfont.c (syms_of_xfont):
    * xselect.c (x_handle_selection_request)
    (x_handle_selection_clear, x_clear_frame_selections)
    Prefer CALLMANY and CALLN to counting args by hand.
    * doc.c (reread_doc_file): Remove unused code.
    * fns.c (concat2, concat3): Redo to avoid need for local-var vector.
    (cmpfn_user_defined, hashfn_user_defined, Fmaphash):
    Prefer call1 and call2 to Ffuncall.
    * keyboard.c (safe_run_hook_funcall, safe_run_hooks):
    Use struct literal rather than a local var, for simplicity.
    * keymap.c (where_is_internal): Use NULL rather than a pointer
    to unused args.
    * lisp.h (CALLMANY, CALLN): New macros.
    * sound.c (Fplay_sound_internal): Coalesce duplicate code.
    Fixes: bug#19634
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