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    Clean up some extern decls. · a411ac43
    Paul Eggert authored
    Mostly, this hoists extern decls out of .c files and into .h files.
    That way, we're more likely to catch errors if the interfaces change.
    * alloc.c [USE_GTK]: Include "gtkutil.h" so that we need not
    declare xg_mark_data.
    * dispextern.h (x_frame_parm_handlers):
    * font.h (Qxft):
    * lisp.h (Qlexical_binding, Qinternal_interpreter_environment)
    (Qextra_light, Qlight, Qsemi_light, Qsemi_bold, Qbold, Qextra_bold)
    (Qultra_bold, Qoblique, Qitalic):
    Move extern decl here from .c file.
    * alloc.c (xg_mark_data) [USE_GTK]:
    * doc.c (Qclosure):
    * eval.c (Qlexical_binding):
    * fns.c (time) [!HAVE_UNISTD_H]:
    * gtkutil.c (Qxft, Qnormal, Qextra_light, Qlight, Qsemi_light)
    (Qsemi_bold, Qbold, Qextra_bold, Qultra_bold, Qoblique, Qitalic):
    * image.c (Vlibrary_cache, QCloaded_from) [HAVE_NTGUI]:
    * lread.c (Qinternal_interpreter_environment):
    * minibuf.c (Qbuffer):
    * process.c (QCfamily, QCfilter):
    * widget.c (free_frame_faces):
    * xfaces.c (free_frame_menubar) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]:
    * xfont.c (x_clear_errors):
    * xterm.c (x_frame_parm_handlers):
    Remove now-redundant extern decls.
    * keyboard.c, keyboard.h (ignore_mouse_drag_p) [USE_GTK || HAVE_NS]:
    * xfaces.c (Qultra_light, Qreverse_oblique, Qreverse_italic):
    Now static.
    * xfaces.c: Remove unnecessary static decls.
    * xterm.c (updating_frame): Remove decl of nonexistent object.
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