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    Display man pages immediately and use process-filter to format them asynchronously. · a4b0fffe
    Juri Linkov authored
    * lisp/man.el (Man-width): Doc fix.
    (man): Doc fix.
    (Man-start-calling): Use `with-selected-window' to get
    `frame-width' and `window-width'.
    (Man-getpage-in-background): Call `Man-notify-when-ready'
    immediately after creating a new buffer.  Call `Man-mode' and set
    `mode-line-process' in the created buffer.  Set process-filter to
    `Man-bgproc-filter' in start-process branch.  In call-process branch
    call either `Man-fontify-manpage' or `Man-cleanup-manpage'.
    Use `Man-start-calling' inside `with-current-buffer'.
    (Man-fontify-manpage): Don't print messages.  Fix boundary condition.
    (Man-cleanup-manpage): Don't print messages.
    (Man-bgproc-filter): New function.
    (Man-bgproc-sentinel): Add `save-excursion' to keep point when
    user moved it during asynchronous formatting.  Move calls of
    `Man-fontify-manpage' and `Man-cleanup-manpage' to
    `Man-bgproc-filter'.  Move the call of `Man-mode' to
    `Man-getpage-in-background'.  Use `quit-restore-window'
    instead of `kill-buffer'.  Use `message' instead of `error'
    because errors are catched by process sentinel.
    (Man-mode): Move calls of `Man-build-page-list',
    `Man-strip-page-headers', `Man-unindent', `Man-goto-page' to
    `Man-bgproc-sentinel'.  Doc fix.  (Bug#2588, bug#5054, bug#9084, bug#17831)
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