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    Doc fixes. · a4d1159b
    Gerd Moellmann authored
    (previous-matching-history-element, next-history-element):
    Change to work correctly even if the point is in the prompt.
    (choose-completion-string): Likewise.
    (minibuffer-prompt-width): New function (compatibility with old subr).
    (line-move): Supply new ESCAPE-FROM-EDGE argument to
    (line-move): Use constrain-to-field to avoid
    moving into a prompt.
    (previous-complete-history-element): Clarify doc string.
    (next-complete-history-element): Likewise.
    Use field-beginning instead of point-min.
    (next-matching-history-element): Use field-beginning and
    erase-field instead of point-min and erase-buffer.
    (previous-matching-history-element): Get the
    minibuffer input with field-string instead of buffer-string.
    (choose-completion-string): Likewise.
    (next-history-element): Likewise.
    Erase the minibuffer input with erase-field, not erase-buffer.
    Use field-beginning to find the beginning of the input.
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