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    * xfns.c (x_decode_color, Fx_color_display_p): x_screen_planes is · a6605e5c
    Jim Blandy authored
    	an int, not a Lisp_Object.
    	(x_set_mouse_color): Give separate error messages for the
    	different cursors we try to set.
    	(Fx_geometry): Declare STRING to be a Lisp_Object.
    	(Fx_create_frame): No need to use XSET to assign NAME to f->name;
    	they're both Lisp_Objects.
    	(adjust_scrollbars): Use XINT to access w->hscroll.
    	(Fx_open_connection): x_screen_count, x_release, x_screen_height,
    	x_screen_height_mm, x_screen_width, x_screen_width_mm,
    	x_save_under, and x_screen_planes are integers, not Lisp_Objects.
    	(syms_of_xfns): x_mouse_x, x_mouse_y, and mouse_buffer_offset are
    	integers, not Lisp_Objects.
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