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    Remove `diff-tree' operation, now subsumed by `diff'. · a7192ddb
    Stefan Monnier authored
    Also `revision-completion-table' now takes a list of files.
    (vc-deduce-fileset): Remove unused var `regexp'.
    Only obey allow-directory-wildcard in dired buffers.
    (vc-default-diff-tree): Remove.
    (vc-diff-added-files): New var.
    (vc-diff-internal): Use it.  Remove arg `backend'.  Update callers.
    (vc-version-diff): Revert from `vc-history-diff' to the original name.
    Remove the `backend' arg.
    (vc-contains-version-controlled-file): Remove.
    (vc-diff): Bring it closer to the version in Emacs-22.
    (vc-revert): Fix typo in let-binding.
    (vc-default-unregister): Remove.
    (vc-dired-buffers-for-dir): Remove N^2 behavior.
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