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    * dispextern.h: Change HAVE_X_WINDOWS to HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM, · a75dfea0
    Andrew Innes authored
    around image definitions and prototypes.
    (gamma_correct) [WINDOWSNT]: New prototype.
    * w32term.c (x_make_frame_visible): Replace call to
    input_poll_signal with poll_for_input.
    * window.c [WINDOWSNT]: Include w32term.h.
    * xdisp.c [WINDOWSNT]: Include w32term.h.
    * makefile.nt: Add dependencies on w32gui.h.
    (OBJ1): Include atimer.obj.
    ($(BLD)\atimer.obj): New dependency rule.
    * w32.c (sigmask): New function (does nothing).
    (sigunblock): Ditto.
    * frame.c [WINDOWSNT]: Include w32term.h.
    * w32gui.h (struct W32FontStruct): Add ascent and descent slots.
    * lread.c (syms_of_lread): Fix literal newlines.
    * emacs.c (USAGE): Split into USAGE1 and USAGE2, to work-around
    the string constant limit (2048 bytes) in MSVC.
    (main): Ditto.
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