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    * term.c (term_get_fkeys): Some systems define `static' to be the · a796ac82
    Jim Blandy authored
        	empty string, which means that you can't have constant
        	initialized arrays inside a function.  So move the `keys' array
        	outside of the function.
    	* term.c (keys): Include definitions for "K2" (the center key on
        	an IBM keypad), "F1" (F11), and "F2" (F12).  Handle "k0" and "k;"
        	specially; see the code for details.
    	* term.c (clear_end_of_line): Remember that on some systems,
        	"static" gets defined to be the null string, so we can't declare
        	an array to be static and then initialize it.  Since the array in
        	question (buf) is only one element long, just make it a scalar
        	rather than an array; it can then be initialized, even if it's
        	not static.
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