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    lisp/frameset.el: Convert `frameset' to vector and add new slots. · a912c016
    Juanma Barranquero authored
    (frameset): Use type vector, not list (incompatible change).
    Do not declare a new constructor, use the default one.
    Upgrade suggested properties `app', `name' and `desc' to slots `app',
    `name' and `description', respectively, and add read-only slot `timestamp'.
    Doc fixes.
    (frameset-copy, frameset-persistent-filter-alist)
    (frameset-filter-alist, frameset-switch-to-gui-p)
    (frameset-switch-to-tty-p, frameset-filter-tty-to-GUI)
    (frameset-filter-sanitize-color, frameset-filter-minibuffer)
    (frameset-filter-iconified, frameset-keep-original-display-p):
    Doc fixes.
    (frameset-filter-shelve-param, frameset-filter-unshelve-param):
    Rename from frameset-filter-(save|restore)-param.  All callers changed.
    Doc fix.
    (frameset-p): Adapt to change to vector and be more thorough.
    Change arg name to OBJECT.  Doc fix.
    (frameset-prop): Rename arg PROP to PROPERTY.  Doc fix.
    (frameset-session-filter-alist): Rename from frameset-live-filter-alist.
    All callers changed.
    (frameset-frame-with-id): Rename from frameset-locate-frame-id.
    All callers changed.
    (frameset--record-minibuffer-relationships): Rename from
    frameset--process-minibuffer-frames.  All callers changed.
    (frameset-save): Add new keyword arguments APP, NAME and DESCRIPTION.
    Use new default constructor (again).  Doc fix.
    (frameset--find-frame-if): Rename from `frameset--find-frame.
    All callers changed.
    (frameset--reuse-frame): Rename arg FRAME-CFG to PARAMETERS.
    (frameset--initial-params): Rename arg FRAME-CFG to PARAMETERS.
    Doc fix.
    (frameset--restore-frame): Rename args FRAME-CFG and WINDOW-CFG to
    PARAMETERS and WINDOW-STATE, respectively.
    (frameset-restore): Add new keyword argument PREDICATE.
    Reset frameset--target-display to nil.  Doc fix.
    lisp/desktop.el (desktop-save-frameset): Use new frameset-save args.
    Use lexical-binding.
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