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    Merge changes made in Gnus trunk. · ab67634f
    Gnus developers authored
    gnus-gravatar.el (gnus-art): Required.
    shr.el (shr-tag-img): Add align attribute support for <img>.
    gnus-gravatar.el (gnus-gravatar-insert): Check if buffer is alive.
    shr.el (shr-tag-img): Encode URL properly when retrieving.
    shr.el (shr-get-image-data): Encode URL properly when fetching from cache.
    shr.el (shr-tag-img): Use aligned-to spaces to align correctly images.
    nnimap.el (nnimap-request-rename-group): Unselect by selecting a mailbox that doesn't exist.
    rfc2231.el (rfc2231-parse-string): Ignore repeated parts.
    gnus-gravatar.el (gnus-gravatar-too-ugly): Don't test if gnus-article-x-face-too-ugly is bound.
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