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    Fix bug #11417 with infloop when left-fringe/right-fringe spec is used on TTY. · ac268e67
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/xdisp.c (handle_stop): Don't call get_overlay_strings_1 if we
     already have overlays loaded.
     (handle_single_display_spec): Before returning without displaying
     fringe bitmap, synchronize the bidi iterator with the main display
     iterator, by calling iterate_out_of_display_property.
     (iterate_out_of_display_property): Detect buffer iteration by
     testing that it->string is a Lisp string.
     (get_next_display_element): When the current object is exhausted,
     and there's something on it->stack, call set_iterator_to_next to
     proceed with what's on the stack, instead of returning zero.
     (set_iterator_to_next): If called at the end of a Lisp string,
     proceed to consider_string_end without incrementing string
     position.  Don't increment display vector index past the end of
     the display vector.
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