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    autogen.sh now configures git only on request · aca31e38
    Paul Eggert authored
    * autogen.sh (do_autoconf, do_git): New vars.
    Support new arguments --help, all, autoconf, git.
    By default, just do autoconf-related configuration, not git.
    Prefer 'echo' to 'cat <<EOF ...', as this tends to avoid temp files.
    If GNU cp is available, use it to backup .git/config before
    changing it.  When configuring git, chatter about what is being
    done, and configure git to check hashes.  Avoid some duplicate
    file name specification when creating git hooks.
    * GNUmakefile (ALL_IF_GIT): New macro.
    (configure): Use it.
    * INSTALL.REPO: Suggest './autogen.sh all'.