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    (c-mode-base-map, c++-mode-map): · acbce627
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    Move `/' as an electric character
    from c++-mode-map to c-mode-base-map for all languages.
    (c-common-init): Set comment-multi-line and
    comment-line-break-function here for all modes.
    Make comment-line-break-function buffer local iff it's boundp.
    (c-C-comment-start-regexp): Obsolete.
    (c-comment-start-regexp): Initialize from c-C++-comment-start-regexp.
    (c-populate-syntax-table, c-setup-dual-comments): Merge both functions
    into c-populate-syntax-table.  With the new 9X draft C standard, both
    line and block oriented comments are supported in all modes, so always
    set up the syntax tables to support both comment styles.
    (c-enable-//-in-c-mode): Obsolete.
    (c++-mode-syntax-table, java-mode-syntax-table)
    (objc-mode-syntax-table, idl-mode-syntax-table): Added autoload
    cookies.  c-mode-syntax-table already has one.  Use the new syntax
    table initialization idioms.
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