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    Fix bug #13735 with network streams on MS-Windows. · ae11bda5
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    Revert changes to w32proc.c done since 2012-11-30T09:23:15Z!eliz@gnu.org.
    Do NOT merge to trunk!
     src/w32proc.c (new_child): Remove the loop that attempted to salvage
     slots of dead processes.
     (new_child, delete_child, find_child_pid): Don't insist on
     procinfo.hProcess be NULL for a process slot to be considered
     inactive, or be non-NULL to be considered active.
     (reader_thread): Don't set the FILE_AT_EOF flag of a file
     descriptor if the corresponding child was deleted and its
     char_avail handle is NULL.
     (reap_subprocess): Don't reset the FILE_AT_EOF flag.
     (sys_select): Don't pass a NULL process handle to
    Fixes: debbugs:13735 debbugs:13546
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