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    Make tparam.h and terminfo.c consistent. · af8a867c
    Paul Eggert authored
    * cm.c (tputs, tgoto, BC, UP): Remove extern decls.  Include
    tparam.h instead, since it declares them.
    * cm.h (PC): Remove extern decl; tparam.h now does this.
    * deps.mk (cm.o, terminfo.o): Depend on tparam.h.
    * terminfo.c: Include tparam.h, to check interfaces.
    (tparm): Make 1st arg a const pointer in decl.  Put it at top level.
    (tparam): Adjust signature to match interface in tparam.h;
    this removes some undefined behavior.  Check that outstring and len
    are zero, which they always are with Emacs.
    * tparam.h (PC, BC, UP): New extern decls.
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