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    * systty.h, process.c, buffer.h, callproc.c, sysdep.c, dired.c: · b0310da4
    Jim Blandy authored
    	Added VMS changes from Roland Roberts.
    	* process.c (read_process_output): Save, widen, insert the process
    	output, and then restore the restriction if inserting text outside
    	the visible region.
    	* process.c (Fstart_process): Establish an unwind-protect to
    	remove PROC from the process list if an error occurs while
    	starting it.
    	(start_process_unwind): New function to help with that.
    	(create_process): There's no need to explicitly call
    	remove_process if the fork fails; the record_unwind_protect in
    	Fstart_process will take care of it.
    	* process.c (wait_reading_process_input): Test the C preprocessor
    	symbol "ultrix", not "__ultrix__" to see if we should ignore
    	ENOMEM errors from select.
    	* process.c (process_send_signal): On systems which have both
    	the TIOCGETC and TCGETA ioctls, just use the former.
    	* s/bsd4-2.h, s/bsd4-3.h: #define SIGNALS_VIA_CHARACTERS.
    	* process.c (process_send_signal): Put all the code for sending
    	signals via characters in a #ifdef SIGNALS_VIA_CHARACTERS.  Decide
    	whether to use the Berkeley-style or SYSV-style ioctls by seeing
    	which ioctl commands are #defined.
    	* process.c (process_send_signal): Doc fix.
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