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    Small Makefile cleanup mainly related to tags file generation · b0b9e592
    Glenn Morris authored
    * src/Makefile.in (abs_srcdir): New, set by configure.
    (maintainer-clean): Remove pointless echo.  That should be in the
    top-level Makefile, if anywhere.  Delete TAGS-LISP.
    (extraclean): No s/ and m/ directories for some time.
    (TAGS): Remove no-longer-defined S_FILE.
    Pass absolute filenames to etags once more.
    (TAGS-LISP, $(lwlibdir)/TAGS): Correctly pass ETAGS to sub-makes.
    ($(lwlibdir)/TAGS): Remove useless subshell, check cd return value.
    * lisp/Makefile.in (lisptagsfiles1, lisptagsfiles2, lisptagsfiles3)
    (lisptagsfiles4): Use absolute filenames again.
    (TAGS, TAGS-LISP): Not everything needs to run in one line.
    Remove all *loaddefs files, not just the first.  Remove esh-groups.
    (maintainer-clean): Delete TAGS, TAGS-LISP.
    * lwlib/Makefile.in (abs_srcdir): New, set by configure.
    (ETAGS, ctagsfiles): New variables.
    (TAGS): Use ETAGS, ctagsfiles.  Use absolute filenames again.
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