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    * keyboard.c: Overflow, signedness and related fixes. · b13995db
    Paul Eggert authored
    (make_lispy_movement): Use same integer type in forward decl
    that is used in the definition.
    (read_key_sequence, keyremap_step):
    Change bufsize argument back to int, undoing my 2011-03-30 change.
    We prefer signed types, and int is wide enough here.
    (parse_tool_bar_item): Don't assume tool_bar_max_label_size is less
    than TYPE_MAXIMUM (EMACS_INT) / 2.  Don't let the label size grow
    larger than STRING_BYTES_BOUND.  Use ptrdiff_t for Emacs string
    length, not size_t.  Use ptrdiff_t for index, not int.
    (keyremap_step, read_key_sequence): Redo bufsize check to avoid
    possibility of integer overflow.
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