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    * xterm.c (x_wm_hints): New variable. · b1c884c3
    Jim Blandy authored
    	(x_wm_set_window_state, x_wm_set_icon_pixmap,
    	x_wm_set_icon_position): Use x_wm_hints.
    	(x_term_init): Set the `input' field of x_wm_hints, and its flag.
    	* xterm.c (x_text_icon): Call x_wm_set_icon_pixmap with a pixmap
    	of zero, to clear the pixmap.
    	(x_wm_set_icon_pixmap): Accept this protocol; if pixmap is zero,
    	specify no pixmap for the icon.
    	* xterm.c (x_set_window_size): Call check_frame_size to make sure
    	that the requested dimensions are within acceptable limits.
    	Store the new size information in the frame structure.
    	* xterm.c (x_wm_set_size_hint): Don't try to set the base_height
    	and base_width elements of size_hints if PBaseSize is not
    	#defined.  Set the minimum frame size according to the information
    	returned by check_frame_size.
    	* xterm.c (XTread_socket, x_do_pending_expose): Call
    	change_frame_size with a DELAY of 1.
    	* xterm.c (in_display): Deleted this; it's never used in xterm.c,
    	and there is another variable by the same name in dispnew.c.
    	Renamed these to FRAME_TERMCAP_P, FRAME_X_P, and
    	FRAME_HAS_MINIBUF_P, for consistency with the rest of the
    	frame macros.
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