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    Overall speedup when using many buffers. · b2f1b848
    Francesco Potortì authored
    (uniquify-fix-item-base, uniquify-fix-item-filename,
    uniquify-fix-item-buffer): Changed defmacro to defalias (cosmetic change).
    (uniquify-fix-item-unrationalized-buffer): Deleted: was the fourth
    place in the item, but waas never used.
    (uniquify-fix-item-min-proposed): New defalias: the fourth place
    in the item is now used as cache for the proposed name.
    (uniquify-rationalize-file-buffer-names): Move computation made on
    newbuffile out of the loop, in the newbuffile-nd local var.  Use
    dolist (cosmetic change).  Compute the proposed name for the most
    common case and cache it in the fourth place in the item.
    (uniquify-rationalize-file-buffer-names): Used to return a list
    of flags indicating renamed buffers, but that return value was
    never used.
    (uniquify-item-lessp): Replaces uniquify-filename-lessp, works on
    the cached proposed name, does much less consing and is quicker.
    (uniquify-filename-lessp): Deleted.
    (uniquify-rationalize-a-list): Use dolist (cosmetic change).  Do
    not bind locally the uniquify-possibly-resolvable flag.  Use the
    cached proposed name if possible.
    (uniquify-get-proposed-name): Arguments changed, callers changed.
    (uniquify-rationalize-conflicting-sublist): Explicitely reset the
    uniquify-possibly-resolvable flag, which is no more bound locally.
    (uniquify-rename-buffer): Do not set the unrationalised-buffer
    flag, which is replaced by the cached proposed name.
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