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    Add 7z archive format support (bug#5475). · b3671a51
    Juri Linkov authored
    * arc-mode.el (archive-zip-extract): Try to find 7z executable.
    (archive-7z-extract): New defcustom.
    (archive-find-type): Add magic string for 7z.
    (archive-extract-by-stdout): Add new optional arg `stderr-file'.
    If `stderr-file' is non-nil, use `(t stderr-file)' for the
    `buffer' arg of `call-process'.
    (archive-zip-extract): Check `archive-zip-extract' for "7z" and
    call the function `archive-7z-extract' with the variable
    `archive-7z-extract' let-bound to `archive-zip-extract'.
    (archive-7z-summarize, archive-7z-extract): New functions.
    * international/mule.el (auto-coding-alist):
    * files.el (auto-mode-alist): Add 7z file extension.
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