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    Add :array-type option to json-parse-string · b41c1ca1
    Dmitry Gutov authored
    * src/json.c (enum json_array_type): New type.
    (struct json_configuration): New field array_type.
    (json_parse_args): Rename the last argument.  Handle the
    :array-type keyword argument (bug#32793).
    (Fjson_parse_string): Update the docstring accordingly.
    (json_to_lisp): Handle the case of :array-type being `list'.  Add
    a call to 'rarely_quit' inside the loop.
    (syms_of_json): Define new symbols.
    (Fjson_serialize, Fjson_insert, Fjson_parse_string)
    (Fjson_parse_buffer): Update the config struct initializers.
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