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    More improvements for the Emacs manual · b46be294
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Basic Indent, Comment Commands): Fix
    * doc/emacs/text.texi (TeX Print, HTML Mode, Enriched Faces): Fix
    * doc/emacs/help.texi (Help Files): Improve @uref usage.  Reported
    by Stefan Kamphausen <stefan.kamphausen@acrolinx.com> in
    * doc/emacs/fortran-xtra.texi (ForIndent Commands): Fix a typo.
    (ForIndent Commands, Fortran Columns): Add empty lines between
    @items in a @table.
    (ForIndent Cont, ForIndent Num, Fortran Columns): Mention
    (ForIndent Vars): Fix a typo.
    (Fortran Comments): Fix punctuation.
    (ForIndent Cont, Fortran Autofill): Fix markup of keyboard input.
    * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Comments): Fix a typo.
    (Comment Commands): More accurate description of the commands.
    (Options for Comments): Don't mention "hook".
    (Man Page): Prefer "M-x man" if available.
    (Hideshow): Fix the command key sequence.
    (Semantic): Update supported languages.
    (Semantic, Hungry Delete, Other C Commands): Fix markup of
    (Misc for Programs): Fix a typo.
    (Electric C, Hungry Delete): More accurate description of
    mode-line lighters of CC submodes.
    (Asm Mode): Add empty lines between @items in a @table.
    * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Program Modes): Add a few more modes.
    Reported by Michael Albinus <michael.albinus@gmx.de> in
    * doc/emacs/msdos.texi (Windows Misc): A minor rewording.
    Suggested by Isaac Carter <icarter1391@gmail.com> in
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