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    (archive-extract-by-stdout): Don't use · b48fa570
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    binary-process-output.  Bind coding-system-for-read to 'undecided,
    so coding system is determined on the fly.  Bind inherit-process-coding-system
    to t.
    (archive-dos-members): Remove.
    (archive-extract): Don't call archive-check-dos.  Handle pkunzip errors.
    (archive-*-extract): Handle pkzip errors.
    (archive-check-dos): Remove.
    (archive-subfile-dos): Remove.
    (archive-extract): Don't bind archive-subfile-dos.
    (archive-write-file-member): Don't DOSify DOS-style archive members.
    (archive-zip-extract): Make pkzip use -o- flag, to make it more silent.
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