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    * search.c (find_newline): Accept start and end byte positions · b5426561
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    as arguments and allow -1 if not known.
    (find_newline_no_quit): Likewise for start position.
    * lisp.h (find_newline, find_newline_no_quit): Adjust prototype.
    * bidi.c (bidi_find_paragraph_start): Pass byte position to
    find_newline_no_quit, thus eliminating CHAR_TO_BYTE.
    * editfns.c (Fconstrain_to_field): Break long line.  Adjust
    call to find_newline.
    * indent.c (vmotion): Adjust calls to find_newline_no_quit.
    Use DEC_BOTH to start next search from the previous buffer
    position, where appropriate.
    * xdisp.c (back_to_previous_line_start, forward_to_next_line_start)
    (get_visually_first_element, move_it_vertically_backward): Likewise.
    Obtain byte position from the display iterator, where appropriate.
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