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    Many comments added and docstrings fixed. · b6176f64
    Roland McGrath authored
    (tags-table-list): Elt of nil is not special.
    (tags-expand-table-name): Value of nil is not special.
    (tags-next-table): Removed arg RESET; no caller used it.
    (visit-tags-table-buffer): Don't need to do tags-expand-table-name in or form.
    When table is invalid, only set tags-file-name to nil globally if its
    global value contained the losing table file name.
    (find-tag-tag): Return a string, not a list.
    (find-tag-noselect, find-tag, find-tag-other-window, find-tag-other-frame):
    Changed callers.
    (etags-recognize-tags-table): Call etags-verify-tags-table, rather than
    duplicating its functionality.
    (visit-tags-table-buffer): When CONT is 'same, set it to nil after the
    cond.  We want the normal list frobbing to take place in this case.
    (find-tag-other-window): Save and restore window-point around call to
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