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    (vc-bzr-registered): Gracefully handle missing "bzr" · b6e6e09a
    Stefan Monnier authored
    program, and return nil
    (vc-bzr-state): Gracefully handle missing "bzr" program, and return nil.
    (vc-bzr-state): Look for path names relative to the repository
    root after status keyword.
    (vc-bzr-file-name-relative): New function.
    (vc-bzr-admin-dirname): Reinstate, as other vc-bzr-admin-... paths
    depend on it.
    (vc-bzr-admin-dirname, ...-checkout-format-file)
    (...-branch-format-file, ...-revhistory): Paths to some Bzr internal
    files that we now parse directly for speed.
    (vc-bzr-root-dir): Use `vc-bzr-admin-checkout-format-file' as witness.
    (vc-bzr-registered): Only parse vc-bzr-admin-dirstate file if it exists.
    (vc-bzr-state): "bzr status" successful only if exitcode is 0
    (vc-bzr-root): Use `vc-bzr-shell-command'.  Stderr may contain
    Bzr warnings, so we must discard it.
    (vc-bzr-workfile-version): Speedup counting lines from
    `vc-bzr-admin-revhistory' file, but fallback to spawning "bzr revno"
    if that file doesn't exist.
    (vc-bzr-responsible-p): Use `vc-bzr-root' instead of
    `vc-bzr-root-dir' for speed.
    add `vc-bzr-admin-dirname' (not ".bzr"!) to `vc-directory-exclusion-list'
    (vc-bzr-shell-command): New function.