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    Set VER to `22.1'. · b6f2e1f5
    Romain Francoise authored
    (Basic editing): Explain how to use localized versions of the
    Tutorial.  Mention that `C-h r' displays the manual.  Delete
    obsolete WWW link to an Emacs 18 tutorial.
    (Getting a printed manual): Point to the new locations of the
    manuals on the GNU Web site.
    (Emacs Lisp documentation): Explain that the Emacs Lisp manual is
    available via Info (it was previously distributed separately).
    (Installing Texinfo documentation): The latest version of Texinfo
    is 4.8, not 4.0.
    (Informational files for Emacs): COPYING is the GNU General Public
    License, not the Emacs General Public License.
    (Informational files for Emacs): Delete obsolete link to the
    GNUinfo pages as they have been removed from the GNU Web site.
    (New in Emacs 22): New node.
    (Setting up a customization file): Say that most packages support
    Customize nowadays.
    (Colors on a TTY): Delete reference to instructions on how to
    enable syntax highlighting, it is now enabled by default.
    (Turning on abbrevs by default): Emacs now reads the abbrevs file
    at startup automatically.
    (Controlling case sensitivity): Mention `M-c' in isearch.
    (Using an already running Emacs process): Emacs now creates the
    socket in `/tmp/emacsUID'.  Fix typos.  Change default location of
    gnuserv.  As emacsclient can now run Lisp code as well, delete a
    sentence praising gnuserv for that.  Simplify description of how
    the client/server operation works.
    (Compiler error messages): Delete obsolete text (compile.el has
    been rewritten).
    (Indenting switch statements): Fix typo.
    (Matching parentheses): Simplify setup instructions, mention the
    menu bar item in the Options menu.
    (Repeating a command as many times as possible): Mention `C-x e'.
    (Going to a line by number): Mention new keymap and bindings
    `M-g M-g', `M-g M-p' and `M-g M-n'.
    (Turning on syntax highlighting): Now on by default.  Simplify.
    (Replacing highlighted text): Use `1', not `t'.
    (Problems with very large files): The maximum size is now 256MB on
    32-bit machines.
    (^M in the shell buffer): Mention `comint-process-echoes'.
    (Emacs for Apple computers): Emacs 22 has native support for Mac
    OS X.
    (Translating names to IP addresses): Delete node.
    (Binding keys to commands): Fix typo.
    (SPC no longer completes file names): New node.
    (MIME with Emacs mail packages): Delete section about the Emacs
    MIME FAQ (it's not reachable anymore).
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