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    [INCLUDED_FCNTL]: Don't include fcntl.h again. · b8009dd1
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (XTread_socket, MotionNotify and LeaveNotify cases):
    If not in any frame, call clear_mouse_face.
    (x_term_init): Set frame_up_to_date_hook.
    (XTframe_up_to_date): New function.
    (XTupdate_begin): Turn off mouse face display, and defer it.
    (XTupdate_end): Undefer.
    (mouse_face_defer): New variable.
    (mouse_face_mouse_frame, mouse_face_mouse_x, mouse_face_mouse_y):
    New variables.
    (dumpglyphs): Handle HL = 3 by using mouse_face_face_id.
    (note_mouse_movement): Check for mouse face.
    (show_mouse_face, fast_find_position): New functions.
    (clear_mouse_face): New functions.
    (mouse_face_beg, mouse_face_end, mouse_face_face_id): New variables.
    (mouse_face_window): New variable.
    (syms_of_xterm): Init and staticpro it.
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