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    (struct regexp_cache): New field `posix'. · b819a390
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (compile_pattern_1): New arg `posix'.  Controls the syntax spec
    for parsing; also record it in the cache.
    (compile_pattern): New arg `posix'.
    (looking_at_1, string_match_1, fast_string_match): Pass 0 for new arg.
    (search_buffer): New arg `posix'.  Now static.
    (search_command): New arg `posix'.  All callers changed.
    (Fposix_search_forward, Fposix_search_backward): New functions.
    (string_match_1, looking_at_1): New subroutines broken out.
    (Fstring_match, Flooking_at): Use them.
    (Fposix_string_match, Fposix_looking_at): New functions.
    (syms_of_search): defsubr new functions.
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