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    emacsclient -t should not suspend Emacs server · b8956427
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lisp.h, sysdep.c (block_tty_out_signal, unblock_tty_out_signal):
    New functions.
    * term.c (init_tty): Use them instead of rolling our own code.
    * sysdep.c (tcsetpgrp_without_stopping): Likewise.  Here, this
    switches from 'signal' to 'pthread_sigmask', which is safer in
    multithreaded applications.
    * term.c (Fresume_tty): Don't bother dissociating if O_IGNORE_CTTY,
    which has already arranged for that.
    (dissociate_if_controlling_tty): If setsid fails, fall back on TIOCNOTTY.
    This is the main part of the bug fix.
    Fixes: debbugs:13387
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