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    * text.texi (Near Point): Say "cursor" not "terminal cursor". · b8f5396a
    Chong Yidong authored
    	(Commands for Insertion): Removed split-line since it's not
    	relevant for Lisp programming.
    	(Yank Commands): Rewrite introduction.
    	(Undo): Clarify.
    	(Maintaining Undo): Clarify.  Document undo-ask-before-discard.
    	(Filling): Remove redundant comment.  Clarify return value of
    	(Margins): Minor clarifications.
    	(Adaptive Fill): Update default value of adaptive-fill-regexp.
    	(Sorting): Update definition of sort-lines.
    	(Columns): Clarify behavior of sort-columns.
    	(Indent Tabs): Link to Tab Stops in Emacs manual.
    	(Special Properties): Clarify.
    	(Clickable Text): Mention Buttons package.
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