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    Fix behavior of with-temp-buffer-window (Bug#16816, Bug#17007). · b92631bf
    Martin Rudalics authored
    * window.el (with-temp-buffer-window): Don't make BUFFER-OR-NAME
    current (Bug#16816, Bug#17007).
    (with-current-buffer-window): New macro doing the same as
    `with-temp-buffer-window' but with BUFFER-OR-NAME current.
    * help.el (help-print-return-message): Warn in doc-string to not
    use this in `with-help-window'.
    (describe-bindings-internal): Call `describe-buffer-bindings'
    from within help buffer.  See Juanma's scenario in (Bug#16816).
    (with-help-window): Update doc-string.
    * dired.el (dired-mark-pop-up):
    * files.el (save-buffers-kill-emacs):
    * register.el (register-preview): Use `with-current-buffer-window'
    instead of `with-temp-buffer-window'.
    * display.texi (Temporary Displays): Rewrite descriptions of
    `with-output-to-temp-buffer' and `with-temp-buffer-window'.
    * help.texi (Help Functions): Rewrite description of
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