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    * image.c: Shrink memory needed for animation cache. · bb566cea
    Paul Eggert authored
    (SIGNATURE_DIGESTSIZE): New constant.
    (struct animation_cache): Make 'signature' a fixed size array of bytes.
    (imagemagick_create_cache): Copy the signature.  This saves
    several KB of memory that ImageMagick wastes per signature.
    Don't bother updating the update_time, as the caller does that now.
    (imagemagick_prune_animation_cache): Don't destroy the signature, as
    it's a fixed size struct member now.
    (imagemagick_get_animation_cache): Always destroy the signature,
    as it's now imagemagick_create_cache's responsibility to copy it.
    Avoid duplicate calls to strcmp and to imagemagick_create_cache,
    and use memcmp rather than strcmp.
    eassert that ImageMagick returns a signature of the specified length.
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