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    Alastair Burt <alastair.burt@dfki.de> sent in a patch on 17.Mar.98 · bd40f1f2
    Oliver Seidel authored
    which removes duplicates from the category list and saves the buffer
    after category addition.  Thanks.
    Uwe Brauer <oub@sunma4.mat.ucm.es> sent in a request on 3.Apr.98 to
    implement a "move-between-categories" function.  I haven't done that
    yet.  Thanks.
    "Edward S. Hirgelt" <ehirgelt@directinterfaces.com> fixed a problem
    with multi-line editing 29.Oct.98.  Thanks.
    tom <tom@pixelpark.com> sent in a replacement for the outmoded
    time-format that I had been using on 13.Nov.98.  Thanks.
    Jerome Thebert <thebertj@felixstowe.rms.slb.com> sent in a binding to
    show/hide continuation lines using the space bar on 11.Jan.99.
    Instead of leaving it as a hook, I integrated it.  Thanks.
    Sorry again to everybody.  I sat on your patches for a year.
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