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    (read_from_string_index_byte): New variable. · bed23cb2
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (read_from_string_index): Now counts characters.
    (readchar, unreadchar, Fread_from_string): Changed accordingly.
    (readchar): Read a multibyte char all at once
    from a buffer, marker or string.
    (unreadchar): Unread a multibyte char all at once.
    (read1): Properly handle non-escaped multibyte chars.
    They force a string to be multibyte.
    When reading direct from a file, any multibyte sequence means
    a multibyte string.
    Insist on MAX_LENGTH_OF_MULTI_BYTE_FORM bytes when checking
    for read_buffer full; this way need not check specially for multibyte.
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