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    (calendar-today-marker, initial-calendar-window-hook) · bf0cce5a
    Glenn Morris authored
    (today-visible-calendar-hook, today-invisible-calendar-hook)
    (diary-file, calendar-basic-setup, calendar-star-date)
    (calendar-mark-today): Doc fixes.
    (today-visible-calendar-hook): Add options.
    (calendar-in-read-only-buffer): New macro.
    (calendar-basic-setup): Adapt for change in calendar-read-date.
    Place holiday let inside if.
    (calendar-day-name-array, calendar-month-name-array): Make defcustoms.
    (calendar-read-date): Set day to 1 rather than nil in the NODAY case.
    (calendar-print-other-dates): Use one let rather than many.
    Use calendar-in-read-only-buffer to replace previous code and disable undo.
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