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    (Info-find-file, Info-find-node-2): Add history and toc. · bf7d6fa7
    Juri Linkov authored
    (Info-find-node-2): Simplify error message.
    (Info-insert-dir): Use Info-following-node-name.
    (Info-goto-node): Remove *info-history* and *info-toc*.
    (Info-history): Create a node of the virtual history file.
    (Info-toc): Create a node of the virtual toc file.
    (Info-insert-toc): New arg `curr-file' for reference file names.
    (info-apropos): Remove redundant var binding for temp-file.
    (Info-index, Info-index-next, Info-mode): Doc fix.
    (Info-goto-emacs-command-node): Don't jump to *info* from
    non-*info* Info buffers.
    (Info-fontify-node): Don't show the file name of external
    references if `Info-hide-note-references' is `hide'.  Don't hide
    newlines at the end of paragraphs.
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