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    Update copyright and leading comment. · c0056275
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (regexp-opt): Update comment and adapt the code the new meaning of the
    `paren' argument of regex-opt-group for shy-groups.
    (regexp-opt-depth): Handle shy groups as well as backslashed backslashes.
    (regexp-opt-group): Turn the leading comment into a docstring.
    Allow `paren' to be a string (the string to use to open a group).
    Remove open-presuf and close-presuf.
    Instead of checking for `all one-char' and then later on check for
    `several one-char', handle both cases close together.
    Also apply a more generic algorithm for suffixes (the mirror image
    of the algorithm used for prefixes).
    Use shy-groups.
    \Use nreverse rather than reverse.
    (regexp-opt-try-suffix): Removed.
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