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    Update the GNUStep port so it works OK. Redraw and sizing bugs remain. · c0342369
    Jan Djärv authored
    * nextstep/templates/Info-gnustep.plist.in: Add NSDocumentClass EmacsDocument.
    * src/nsfns.m (x_set_foreground_color, x_set_background_color): Use
    (ns_implicitly_set_icon_type, Fx_create_frame): Make static, remove
    unused variables.
    (Fns_read_file_name): Keep track if panel is for save.  Use
    (Fns_list_services): delegate only used for COCOA.
    (Fns_convert_utf8_nfd_to_nfc): Remove warning for GNUStep.  Just
    return the input if GNUStep.
    (x_screen_planes): Remove.
    (Fxw_color_values): Use EmacsCGFloat
    (Fns_display_monitor_attributes_list): Only get screen number for
    (getDirectory, getFilename): Removed from EmacsOpenPanel and
    (EmacsOpenPanel:ok:): Use ns_filename_from_panel and
    * src/nsfont.m (ns_attribute_fvalue, ns_spec_to_descriptor)
    (ns_charset_covers, ns_get_covering_families, nsfont_open):
    Use F suffix on floats.
    (ns_char_width): Returns CGFloat.
    (ns_ascii_average_width): w is CGFloat instead of float.
    (nsfont_draw): cbuf and c are unsigned. Cast to char* in call to
    (ns_glyph_metrics): CGFloat instead of float.
    * src/nsimage.m (setXBMColor:, getPixelAtX:Y:): Use EmacsCGFloat.
    * src/nsmenu.m (ns_update_menubar): Make static.
    (x_activate_menubar): Surround with ifdef NS_IMPL_COCOA
    (fillWithWidgetValue:): Add cast to SEL for setAction.
    (addSubmenuWithTitle:forFrame:): Add cast to SEL for action.
    (update_frame_tool_bar): Update code for GNUStep.
    (clearAll): New method.
    (addDisplayItemWithImage:idx:tag:helpText:enabled:): Handle new tag
    argument. Call insertItemWithItemIdentifier when NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP. Move
    identifierToItem setObject and activeIdentifiers addObject before
    call to insertItemWithItemIdentifier.
    (validateVisibleItems): Fix indentation.
    (toolbarAllowedItemIdentifiers:): Return activeIdentifiers.
    (initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:): Add ClosableWindow and
    UtilityWindow to aStyle, remove call to setStyleMask.
    * src/nsselect.m (ns_get_local_selection): Remove unused variable type.
    * src/nsterm.h (EmacsCGFloat): Typedef for OSX and GNUStep when the size
    of CGFloat differs.
    (EmacsApp): New variable nextappdefined.  Declare sendFromMainThread
    (EmacsDocument): Declare when NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP.
    (EmacsView): Remove unlockFocusNeedsFlush, add windowDidMove.
    (EmacsToolbar): Add clearAll.  Add tag argument to
    (EmacsSavePanel, EmacsOpenPanel): Remove getFilename and getDirectory.
    * src/nsterm.m: Include src/process.h if NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP.
    (ns_menu_bar_is_hidden, menu_will_open_state): Define only if
    (x_set_cursor_type): Remove declaration.
    (ns_update_begin): Only use r and bp if NS_IMPL_COCOA.
    (ns_update_end, ns_focus, ns_unfocus): Remove GNUStep specific code.
    (x_set_window_size): Remove 3 pixels from toolbar if NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP.
    (ns_get_color): Use F suffix on float.
    (ns_color_to_lisp, ns_query_color): Use EmacsCGFloat.
    (ns_get_rgb_color): Remove.
    (x_set_frame_alpha): Move view inside NS_IMPL_COCOA.
    (note_mouse_movement): x and y are CGFloat.
    (ns_draw_fringe_bitmap): Remove unused rowY.
    Change #if to COCOA && >= 10_6.
    (ns_draw_window_cursor): Remove unused overspill.
    (ns_draw_underwave): width and x are EamcsCGFloat.
    (ns_draw_box): thickness is CGFloat.
    (ns_dumpglyphs_image): Change #if to COCOA && >= 10_6.
    (ns_send_appdefined): When NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP, redirect to main thread
    if not in main thread.
    (ns_get_pending_menu_title, ns_check_menu_open)
    (ns_check_pending_open_menu): Put inside #if COCOA && >= 10_5.
    (ns_term_init): Call catch_child_signal if NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP && SIGCHLD.
    (sendFromMainThread:): New method.
    (changeFont:): size is CGFloat.
    (keyDown:): Check for Delete when NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP.
    Disable warning about permanent text.
    (characterIndexForPoint:): Adjust return type depending on GNUStep
    (mouseDown:): delta is CGFloat.
    (updateFrameSize): Remove unised variable f.
    (initFrameFromEmacs): Move toggleButton inside NS_IMPL_COCOA.
    Cast float to EmacsCGFloat.
    (windowWillUseStandardFrame:defaultFrame:): Set maximized_height
    also to -1 when restoring.
    (windowDidExitFullScreen:): Put call to updateCollectionBehaviour
    inside NS_IMPL_COCOA.
    (toggleFullScreen:): Put call to toggleFullScreen inside
    NS_IMPL_COCOA.  Cast float to EmacsCGFloat.
    (setPosition:portion:whole:): por is CGFloat.
    (getMouseMotionPart:window:x:y:): Add F suffix to float.
    (mouseDown:): Use CGFloat.
    (mouseDragged:): Remove unised variable edge.
    (EmacsDocument): Implement for NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP.
    * src/process.c (catch_child_signal): New function.
    (init_process_emacs): Call it.
    * src/process.h (catch_child_signal): Declare.
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