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    * data.c (Fstring_to_number): Skip initial spaces, to make Emacs · 25e40a4b
    Jim Blandy authored
    lisp parse consistently on different operating systems.
    #include <ctype.h> to help with this.
    * data.c (Fstring_to_int): Rename this to Fstring_to_number, since
    it parses floats as well as integers.  Fix docstring.
    (syms_of_data): Fix defsubr.
    (wrong_type_argument): Change use.
    (Fint_to_string): Doc fix.
    * lisp.h (Fstring_to_int): Change extern declaration.
    * data.c (wrong_type_argument): Pass the correct number of
    arguments to Fstring_to_int.
    * data.c (arithcompare): Add a default case which aborts, just to
    make me happy.
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